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How to get straight teeth (for adults)

The options available:

At ARK Dental Practice we offer 3 popular options:

• Fixed braces with clear brackets and tooth coloured wires (ClearSmile Braces, 6 Month Smiles)

• Removable Clear Aligners (Smilelign)

• Lingual Secret Smile fixed braces (on the inside of your teeth).

Each of these systems has their advantages and disadvantages but generally braces that are attached to your teeth will move teeth quicker meaning shorter treatment times. All of these systems can be part of Short Term Cosmetic Adult Orthodontics . This type of treatment is suitable if you want to improve the alignment and appearance of teeth which show when you smile and is not for adults who have problems chewing or are aiming to achieve a perfect bite. Children and adults with bite problems ideally should see a specialist orthodontist where treatment can take 18-24 months. Short Term Cosmetic Adult Orthodontics typically takes 6-9 months because we only move teeth near the front of your mouth and not the back teeth which have many roots. You need to come for adjustment appointments every 4 weeks and should avoid hard or sticky foods during your teeth straightening treatment. Once your teeth are straight you may want to whiten or repair chips and cracks which are visible. This can be a great alternative to more invasive porcelain veneers. All adults and children who have had their teeth straightened will need life-long retainers to prevent their teeth from moving back to their old positions.

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