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"Greg, as always I arrived with a frown and left with a smile! Top Work."

- Mike

On your first visit we will normally do a complete Dental Health Check including any necessary digital x-rays and photographs. We will then discuss your needs and what you want to achieve. Then we can tailor a treatment plan that you will be happy with and provide a printed estimate of the fees. We will ask you to fill out a confidential medical history questionnaire which you can download from this page. Please bring a list of any medication that you may be taking. If you wish to change or cancel an appointment we do require at least 48hrs notice.

Your Dental Health Check will include:

• Checking your jaw joint

• Checking your bite to see how your teeth bite together; any unusual wear will be noted and teeth grinding or clenching investigated

• Checking your tongue, cheeks, lips and other soft tissues, looking in particular for signs of oral cancer

• Assessing the health of your gums to check for gum (periodontal) disease and gum recession

• Checking for tooth decay, broken fillings, any problems around crowns, bridges, implants or dentures

• Looking for signs of acid erosion from fruit, fizzy drinks, & pickled foods

• Checking for tooth sensitivity and possible causes

Document Downloads


Please fill in this form for your first appointment noting any medication you may be taking


This questionnaire will help us to determine what things you may want to change about your smile


Consent and information regarding braces for cosmetic improvement


To help assess your risk for tooth decay


You will find the various options that can help you whiten your teeth and any associated side effects


Important information following cosmetic orthodontics

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