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Preventative Measures in response to COVID-19 outbreak

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

As the Covid-19 outbreak engulfs the world we are all being encouraged to take measures to prevent transmission of the virus. As you may be aware, the virus attacks the respiratory tract and particularly the lungs with the potential to cause pneumonia. The disease is spread by person to person contact, coughs, sneezes, blood and saliva as well as by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your eyes and mouth. There is no cure for the virus so meticuluous hygiene measures are required for protection.

We are continuing to see patients at ARK Dental Practice and we feel it is important to reassure you that we are continuing to keep our practice clean and safe for both you and our team.

You will appreciate that as a dental practice we work in an environment where the prevention of the spread of a whole range of infections is woven into everything that we do.

Nevertheless, we are paying particular attention to the latest government guidance on the transmission of coronavirus and these can be found at the NHS website. Please check this regularly as updates are ongoing.

At your next appointment please use the hand sanitiser just inside the main doorway on the right on entering and leaving the building. There is also one at the main desk.

Unfortunately we cannot shake hands with you at this time so please don't feel offended!

We are also asking patients to rinse with a hydrogen peroxide mouthrinse as it is known to have an anti-viral effect.

We always encourage following a low sugar diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and some fruit as this can boost the immune system. Good oral hygiene which reduces inflammation causing bacteria is also known to have a positive effect on the rest of your body. Most importantly remain calm and concentrate on the positive things in your life. We look forward to seeing you!

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