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Read a review of HealOzone at The Red Ferret

HealOzone works by killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and stimulating the   natural healing process. It can therefore be used to:

• sterilise tooth fissures before sealing them

• keep fillings smaller because less infected tooth needs to be removed

• sterilise root canals before filling them

• make teeth less sensitive

• speed up healing of mouth ulcers and cold sores.


Together with the DiagnoDent and Air Abrasion it is one of the least invasive ways to perform dentistry today. HealOzone is a treatment that can be integrated into most aspects of dentistry. The HealOzone unit produces ozone gas, which is a highly reactive oxygen molecule, and this is applied to the isolated area through a handpiece which has a small rubber cup on it. Highly concentrated ozone gas is safely applied, sterilizes the site and is then siphoned away and neutralised. We have been using HealOzone for several years and find that it reduces and can eliminate the need for drilling in teeth that normally would have had a conventional filling. It is suitable for children and adults and makes dental visits more pleasant. The procedure uses ozone gas which is safely delivered to the area being treated. Ozone has that wonderful, fresh smell that you find in the mountains and is a very powerful, natural disinfectant which breaks down into oxygen. It can also be used to treat ulcers and cold sores.

So if you are looking for a gentle dentist, come and see how we can help you.

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